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Restaurant POS software Price in Nepal


Restaurant POS software price in Nepal The name of Restaurant POS software in Nepal is Smart POS, we have more than 500 regular costumer globally. From UAE, Istanbul, Africa, Europe, South Asia and Nepal. We offer you best service in cheapest price.  Price does not matter when you see the system and its software feature. You will feel easy and fast touch screen base technology. We tell smart means lets be smart do not get any boredom while using system. As a result your business and your working style seem smart and costumer starts appreciate your working style and they become impressive with your quality and prompt hospitality service.  Our price range is convenient and reliable to any type of costumer.  Moreover we have complete table ordering system from tablet as well.  Regarding the price of Restaurant POS software ie. Smart POS, you can directly contact to Executive Director Drona Parajuli in Nepal and CEO of Sm T…